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10 Best Fluorocarbon Line For Fishing

With many types of fishing lines in the market, choosing the right line for an enhanced fishing experience is essential. Understanding the most suitable fishing line can be a daunting process. This is because the choices are most often confused regarding when and where to use each type of line. The most common types of […]

Best Day & Times to Fish

One of the best hobbies good to take up is sport fishing. Contrary to many misconceptions, catching fish does not necessarily mean having to eat it. Even the best of fishers sometimes throw back the fish in the lake just because you can. Nothing beats the feeling of going fishing after a long day, week, […]

Fishing Knots Every Angler Should Know

From fly to deep sea, fishing is probably one of the most popular and most rewarding activities as you can pretty much guarantee going home with a big prize and a well-deserved meal. Yet, before you head out into the boat or hit the peer, make sure you are familiar with the different ways you […]

Beginner’s Guide to Fishing Rods

Once upon a time a fishing rod, or “pole,” was just a wooden stick with a piece of line tied to the end of it, and it worked in serving it’s purpose of catching fish. However, as the sport of fishing evolved and new materials invented, fishing rods have become highly specialized to match the […]

Guide to Fishing Reels: 6 Types of Fishing Reels

A fishing reel is a crucial piece of equipment for amateur and professional fishers alike. There are different types of fishing reels and each type can vary in terms of cost and function. When purchasing a fishing reel, take into account your budget, the fishing style you seek to engage in, where you want to […]

A Guide to Saltwater Fishing

Fishing is an activity that has lived through time and generations, both small scale and large scale. People fish for different reasons, including for sport, as a job, for study. Wherever there is a water body, you are likely to find people rowing around for fish. As much as freshwaters have several fish species, saltwater […]

Best Baits for Trout

Bait is a trap placed on a fishing hook or net to attract fish and other animals to walk into the trap. It may be in the form of food, other animals, or artificial enticements. There are two main groups of baits; natural bait and artificial bait. Despite myriad of inventions on artificial bait techniques, […]